National Competition on Essay Writing in Physics, NCEWP - 2013

This is one of the three national competitions being held by the IAPT every year. The competition CEWP is open for participants in the following two categories.

(A) Physics teachers working in a higher secondary school/Jr. College / UG College / PG College University, and

(B) B. Sc. or M. Sc. students in a College/University etc.

The aim of this competition is to promote comprehensive writing, by elaborating various aspects of a given topic in Physics. Essay writing is becoming a forgotten art and skill today in the age of MCQs. Writing makes one perfect, essay writing more so, and hence the competition offers a challenge and an opportunity for teachers and students in the categories as above. The topic announced for this year is,

I am the speed of light c, you see....!

(A scientific account of the central importance of the speed of light c in the history, development and future of Physics)

This is an individual contest, in which the entry (write-up) is limited to eight A4 size papers, typed in 11-point Times New Roman fonts. Cut-&-paste from internet sources etc is discouraged. Participants are required to submit their entries to the NCEWP coordinator through mail only. The essays will be evaluated by experts independently, and the final results will be sent to participants and will be published in the IAPT Bulletin. Prizes to the winners will be awarded during the IAPT annual Convention to be held in Kolkata in November 2013.