National Competition for Innovative Experiments in Physics

This programme is being held since 2003, to encourage Physics Teachers to conceive and set up original innovative experiments in Physics. The Competition is held every year at the venue of The Annual Convention. The high quality of entries, shows the usefulness of the programme.

NCIEP is generally held in mid October every year during IAPT convention. Any innovative experiment in Physics upto +2 level can be contributed in this competition. Innovation rather than sophistication is the main theme. Use of computers / microprocessors for data acquisition and display is not allowed. On the basis of evaluation by at least 3 judges best ten experiments are invited to convention venue to present the innovation incorporated. The selected 10 participants are paid SL class railway fare and reservation charges. These selected 10 experiments are again evaluated by at least three judges and best 3 are given cash prizes of Rs 5000/-, Rs. 3000/- and Rs 2000/-. The notification of this competition is likely to appear in March / April issue of the IAPT bulletin. The contributors are requested not to wait till the final announcement of NCIEP. They can always keep on carrying out the innovations but can submit the experiment only after the formal announcement. The age limit to directly participate in this competition as an author is 55 years however seniors can always guide youngsters and contribute their rich experience. The authors who have taken the help of experienced faculties are requested to gratefully acknowledge the help they have received.

For any query please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on Tele. No. 09822228348.

Vijay V. Soman

( NCIEP- Coordinator )